About us

L.A.P.T.I. – footwear for those who value quality, enjoy travelling and have high appreciation for life. We create fashion-footwear in Ukraine for the whole world. Materials of superior European manufacturing works selected by hand and shoemakers’ 20 years of experience form the basis of L.A.P.T.I.



We decided to create comfortable shoes for long trips as well as colorful and stylish slip-on shoes for lovers of unforgettable experiences worldwide.

On the very first day of our presentation we sold over 45 pairs in one day and realized that the success of L.A.P.T.I. wouldn’t be long in coming.

L.A.P.T.I.’s success

• Represented in European showrooms (Tomorrow, More Dash);
• Won recognition from the public on New York, Milan, Paris Fashion Week catwalks;
• Collaborated with globally renowned Ukrainian designers: POUSTOVIT, AnnaK, Ksenia Schnaider, Shushan, Irina Mussatova, WeAnnaBe;
• Opened a range of retail outlet spots with an unmatched shoe marketing concept.


L.A.P.T.I. is …


L.A.P.T.I. x Anna K Prima Maria

The name of a woman artist Maria Primachenko, the representative of ‘folk primitivism’ is known across the globe. Maria set a distinct tone in the aforementioned artistic approach laying emphasis on the singularity of Ukrainian ethnos. In 1937 works of Maria were represented at the International exhibition in Paris - from then on the whole world took fancy to Primachenko’s creative work.


Pablo Picasso was fascinated with her canvas: ‘I bend my knees before the peculiar artwork of that ingenious Ukrainian woman’. Mark Shagal was so inspired with the artist’s fanciful animals that he embraced those patterns himself in his works of art.


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